Monday, May 2, 2011

The Baby PHAT!

I affectionately call my pregnancy weight gain my baby PHAT! I DON'T think it is attractive at all! I've decided to blog about this to try and keep myself motivated. I've been unmotivated since having Isaac. I THINK it is partly due to these long winter months here in UT and the fact that I haven't wanted to drag my poor baby outside. Well, spring is hopefully here (finally) and I've got my running shoes and my ipod ready!

Pre babies I was a nice 135 pounds. Post baby(s) I'm at a whopping 189 lbs. My goal is to lose 54 lbs and get back to that nice 135! I know I can do it. I just need to work hard! I gained 60 lbs while pregnant with Oliver and 55 with Isaac. It boggles my mind because I throw up 5-6 times a day for 5 months during my pregnancies. The only thing I can figure is I go from being really active to a blob on the couch who can barely raise her head up off the pillow.

I hope you enjoy my journey to getting fit (again)!

The Junk Food Fast BEGINS!!!!

Yesterday we here at the Galindo household started a junk food fast! What does that mean for us?? It means no soda, no fast food and NO DESSERTS! I've fallen into some bad habits since having baby boy #2. Having two kids has been overwhelming for me and as a result of that I have easily talked myself out of cooking healthy meals for my family in order to save time and we've been doing a lot of eating out. THIS is not how we want to live. I love to cook, I love to be healthy and feel healthy! So it starts with one month and will go on and on I'm sure!

To start out our "fast" right I of course stocked up on all the healthy things I could think of. And last night for dinner I made one of my recent faves (and it's SO EASY and only 150 calories per serving) I made The Trainer Mommas white chicken chili. It is the EASIEST and most flavorful soup EVER find the White Chicken Chili Recipe HERE!